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Do you *need* a tablet PC?

If you have even picked up an iPad your reaction was probably allot like mine. “Wow.. this is an awesome form factor for a portable webapp device” I didn’t even realize I wanted a tablet until I fondled an iPad but now I know I need one. Then I used it for a little while and the dream fell away, no multitasking, (next os version I guess) no HD video, no replaceable battery, and most of the cool apps in the app store are fairly expensive. If only I could have a tablet with a faster processor and running Android. I looked around.. and.. unfortunately.. there aren’t really any that look good, until I found this. Its not available yet, but once it is it may be the tablet I need to have.. Engadget has a full review with a chart comparing it to the iPad.

ICDs Tegra 2-powered Gemini is the most feature-complete tablet weve seen yet — Engadget.

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